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A Nigerian graduate named Solomon Uche shares his experience with Siggy.ng how he went from being an ordinary keke rider to the owner of a big store in Lagos State after running into a young lady he helped many years ago in school.

A Nigerian graduate named Solomon Uche shares his experience with Siggy.ng how he went from being an ordinary keke napep rider to the owner of a big store in Lagos State after running into a young lady he helped many years ago in school.

According to him, the lady identified as Chinelo approached him in the university and asked for assistance after she missed some classes and tests.

Solomon then decided to assist her with nothing attached to it. Many years later, they met again at a fuel station and Solomon, who is now a Keke rider was recognized by Chinelo.

She introduced him to her husband, and they jointly offered to pay Solomon’s house rent for five years.

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Chinelo’s husband also gave him a cheque to start a business for his wife.

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Read his story as shared on Siggy.ng ;

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”Sometime, it pays to be good because nobody knows what will happen in the coming days.

There is this young lady, Chinelo, whom i met many years ago in the university, she newly got admission into the higher institution.

Before her first semester examination she approached me and asked for assistance in some courses, although, then i was one of the student departmental presidents.

Due to my influence and probably a final year student, i had a good relationship with almost all the lecturers in the school. With my position then, i used to assist some newly admitted students, mostly those who got admission late and had missed some quizzes, due to my closeness with the lecturers.

This particular girl, Chinelo, approached me one afternoon and was seeking for assistance, she explained to me that she missed some assignments and tests and wanted me to assist her, teach her some difficult courses and also to explain to lecturers about her situation so she could get good grades.

I was touched after explaining how she went to others and they made demands she could not fulfil, in exchange helping her talk to these lecturers. I helped her not because she missed some tests or assignments but because she was a very intelligent and decent girl.

Finally few months i graduated and left the campus for my National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) where i spent one year and later returned to my state in search of work.

After many years of hustling to get a good paying job, so i can provide for my family, there was no good job so i decided to ride a ‘balance and take’ tricycle popularly called Keke Napep.

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One day i stopped by a near fuel station to fill my Keke Napep on evening, when i rode inside the station, i filled my Keke tank and also filled a rubber gallon with fuel, which i used for my generator at home.

Surprisedly, when i alighted from the Keke, an SUV who also came to the fuel station to buy patrol, drove off after buying, but reversed back and called me, behold when i approached the car, i couldn’t recognise her, i only saw a man and his wife inside the car but couldn’t remember them.

Then she explained to me that she was the young lady whom i helped out with some difficulty courses and also helped to talk to lecturers in the university many years ago.

I was in short of words, what a small world, she then introduced me to her husband who appeared very wealthy and they both invited me to their house.

When i got to their home, it was massive, i couldn’t hold myself, to cut it short after spending time with Chinelo and her husband, they offered to take responsibility of my house rent for a period of 5 years and gave me a cheque to start up a business for my wife since she had nothing doing.

Chinelo and her husband are indeed a blessing to my family. I’m now a shop owner and we’re making huge sales from it everyday. I’m no longer a Keke rider simply because of the good, i did for a young girl many years ago.

Special thanks to Chinelo and her husband. My advice to young people out there, it pays to be good to others, you must not attach something before doing anything for people because the person, you’re trying to take advantage of simply because he or she is seriously in need of that particular thing may be your helper tomorrow. Do good with free mind, one day your reward will come.”

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