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Med-bunch Herbal Mixture

Are you experiencing painful urination?

Burning sensation while urinating?
Needing to urinate frequently?
Sudden urges to empty your bladder, called urinary urgency?
Pain in your central lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone?
Increased vaginal discharge or Penis discharge?
Vaginal bleeding?
Breastmilk coming out from your breast without being pregnant or breastfeeding?
Bleeding between periods?
Bleeding after sexual intercourse?
Abdominal or pelvic pain?
Foul smelling urine?
Blood in the urine?
Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying?
Vaginal irritation?
Itchy Vagina?
Itchy Penis?
Frequent boil in the private part?
Med-bunch Herbal Mixture – STD Eradicator is that treatment that helps cure Staphylococcus, syphilis, Gonorrhea, Urinary Tract Infection, Chlamydia and Other infections.

Infections like staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia etc now have resistance to antibiotics and azithromycin.
To make it worse, when you continue using these antibiotics and you are getting positive effects from it, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of getting more infections that resists antibiotics treatment.
The major difference is that Med-bunch Herbal Mixture is purely Herbal, and once you complete the herbal treatment, you will not fall into any relapse of the infection recurring anymore.
Medbunch Herbal Mixture is an effective Herbal treatment to completely flush out Drug-resistant Sexually Transmitted Infece, Urinary Track Infections, Toilet Infections etc from your body system.

Med-bunch Herbal Mixture is purely Herbal.
NAFDAC Approved.
And has no side effects.
Nationwide Delivery
Call or Whatsapp us to order for a Med-bunch Herbal Mixture.


Med-bunch Herbal Mixture - STD cure is a treatment that helps cure Staphylococcus, syphilis, Gonorrhea, Urinary Tract Infection & other infections.


  • Condition : New


  • Cures stubborn and reoccurring Infections and STD'S
  • 100% Pure Herbal

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  • 100 + 1%

    Bornor Bang / April 28, 2021 @8:43 am
    Rated 5 out of 5

    A very effective herbal remedy for all STIs/STDs….

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