• February 13, 2021 9:14 am
  • University of Ilorin, Kwara State
On Call

Hello ??
This is *Bankylatt*
*china (1688)procurement Agent*+2349061704714

Very serious and fast response. She is a private special procument agents.

If you want to buy things, chat her and send your pictures or links with specifications to her..

*Our exchange rate is: 75
*Agent fee : 5%of your total order*
*Air shipment is $7.5+450/kg*
*Sea shipment is $100 and 50,000/cmb*

*After payment we place your order within 24hrs *
*In 5-7days we would send you local track codes for your goods and you would also receive shipment receipt from our shipper within this period.*

*The whole process till your goods arrives Nigeria is 14 – 16 working days from 24hrs after payment* *(If you’re using our shipper, you are free to use your preferred shipper*

*Please make sure the number you are providing us with, is reachable via whatsapp and text message*

*We also help in paying Chinese suppliers directly*
*We sell Chinese rmb (yuan)*

*We also also train people on importation bussiness*
*We also help in procureing of goods from Turkey, Malaysia,Cairo and Dubai*




  • Service Type : Courier Service


  • Our exchange rate is: 75
  • Agent fee is 5%of your total order
  • Air shipment is $7.5+450/kg*
  • Sea shipment is $100 and 50,000/cmb

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