• March 19, 2021 4:57 pm
  • Lagos State University, Lagos State
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Balay Garlic Hip Butt Enlargement Lifting Oil is an essential oil to get a bigger, sexier buttocks. It is easier than you probably think. And, no, we don’t mean by butt injections, plastic surgery or even butt pads. You can have a bigger, sexier butt and wider hips simply by using the right products that contain the right ingredients. It is made with a natural extract that is potent for hip enhancement and lifting.  Balay Garlic Hip Butt Enlargement Lifting Oil makes the hip absorbs plenty  of minerals elements which  activate their dometics cells and meridians which strongly infliterate into their  deep  tissue accelerate fat synthesis promote blood  circulation  and lift flaccid skin,leaving the hip perky plumpand classic.
USAGE: After skin cleansing apply proper amount of Balay Garlic Oil everly to the fat deposit areas of the body and massage using circular  motions  for 3-5mins until complete absorption. Order now!


  • Condition : New


  • 100% Effective
  • No Side Effects
  • Results in 3 days of usuage
  • 100% Safe to Use
  • Not for persons under the age of 18


Egbeda,Lagos State University,Lagos State

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