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23 Year Old Major Godspower is a first class graduate from the University of Benin with a CGPA of 4.7. GP, as he is popularly called emerged the only First class student in his department, and has had an interview with Siggy where he narrates his ordeal when seeking for admission.

23 Year Old Major Godspower is a first class graduate from the University of Benin with a CGPA of 4.7. GP, as he is popularly called emerged the best graduating student in his department, and has had an interview with Siggy where he narrates his ordeal when seeking for admission.

In this interview, he explains how he applied for Medicine and Surgery in the University of Benin but was slammed with AEB which he accepted in good fate. He told Siggy that denial is not always denial in the real sense and little did he know that God had a bigger plan for him.

Please can we meet you?

My name is Major Godspower from Delta State, Nigeria.

What was your first choice of course?

When I enrolled for Jamb, I wanted to study medicine but when I got admission, I was given Animal and Environmental Biology(AEB) in the University of Benin and I accepted.

How did you feel when you were given admission to study AEB?

Actually, it was a mixed feeling. It was actually the first time I have heard those three words put together in a sentence – “Animal”, “Environment” and “Biology”. My hopes were kind of down a bit because I wasn’t offered Medicine and surgery like I had hoped for. But then I was happy I got admission.

What did your Parents say about your choice of accepting the said course?

Well, my Mom asked me if I would accept the course or not. I answered her in the affirmative. My mind was actually to get a transfer form later into my school year and go to Medicine and Surgery. My Dad did not have an issue with my choice of course; as long as I got admission and was studying something, he was okay.

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What were your memorable moments as an undergraduate in Uniben?

As I wasn’t a very social person, I really didn’t have much of memorable moments. However, the one I can really remember was the fun I had pouring water on my hostel final year friends who had finished their final papers and were set to graduate. It was really fun back then in Hall 3.

Yeah, I almost forgot! My signing out day was super fun, how could I have forgotten that. The whole thrills of finishing exams, getting your shirt signed on by friends was great. Those moments were really memorable.

How were you able to balance different aspects of your life with your academics?

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Apart from being a Student, I also had other obligations that had to do with my spiritual life as I am a good christian. So I knew that that other aspect was also important just as academics was important. So I managed to strike a balance by setting my priorities straight and making sure that I do more of the most crucial things first. I have a good schedule plan and I follow it squarely. During the week days, I focus on academics. Then during weekends, I study less and focus more on my personal bible study and church programmes.

What was your reading routine like?

After class each day, I go back to the hostel, try to relax and rest. Then I prepare something to eat. I then begin to read around 10pm till 5a.m every day of the week.

You mention “hostel” a lot in your speeches. Did you ever live off-campus anytime during your school year?

Yeah, I stayed in the school hostel from 100 Level to 300 Level. Then I moved off-campus in my final year.

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Did staying off-campus affect your grade in anyway?

No, it did not. Regardless of where I stayed, I sticked to my reading routine strictly. So I still had my grades intact even after moving outside campus.

Earlier you mentioned how you assisted your coursemates in some courses. Tell Siggy about it.

Yeah, I was a student tutor in my last two levels in school. I organized tutorials for my coursemates and taught them courses they seemed not to understand, many of which were free tutorials.

What was your greatest regret in the University of Benin?

This may come out very surprising or unbelievable but all through my four years stay in Uniben, I didn’t have any reason to regret. I was always careful of what I do, where I go and what I say.

Will you now say you are happy you were offered admission in AEB in the first place?

Yes. At first, I wasn’t happy. But as I started the course, I began to learnt a lot of things I didn’t know before and it opened my eyes to other different aspect of science that I did not know I would be interested in. By the end of 300L, I could already imagine myself in a career path in Animal and Environmental scientist. So right now, I can say I can very happy I was offered the course in the first place.


What are your aspirations?

Amongst the many aspirations I have, one of them is solving specific problems through science. I am looking forward into diving into the area of food security and pests control. I have the aspiration to go into this field of science and grow from there. And I also have the aspiration to become one of the youngest professors in Nigeria. I know that might sound funny and quite difficult to achieve but I know with determination I will be able to achieve that.

What advice will you give to someone who is in the shoes you were four years ago?

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In 100L while I was feeling sad about the course I was offered, I remember someone told me that it is not all about the course you study but what you do with the course you studied. My advise to anyone who did not get the course they wanted is to embrace and enjoy what you have. Because if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you will definitely not come out well. You have to develop an interest in it and you will see how easy it will be for you. Very surprisingly, you will see open opportunities in that career path, opportunities you never would have seen if you had done it with a closed mind.

Give your vote of thanks.

There are a lot of people to thank but I will thank Jehovah God for the strength he gave to me all through my school year. I am grateful to my Parents, they did a lot. Many thanks goes to my lecturers, my project supervisor and Dr. Egbon – he was a great inspiration. My colleagues and friends, I am grateful to them too. Also, I am grateful to some people who impacted knowledge to me especially Mr Bornor Bang, he was a great impact he made.

Lastly, my final thanks goes to Siggy for giving me this privilege to tell the world about myself and expressing myself in the way I understand. You guys are the best!

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