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undergragra blog

What or who is Undergragra

When you hear the word Undergragra, I’m sure you must be really confused.

Like, pttf.. The name isn’t even cool

The name was actually formed out of two words undergraduate and gra gra..

How do I mean.. 

Whenever a person gets admitted into the University i.e becomes an undergraduate, there is this pompous attitude they begin to show.. I.e gra gra.. 

That’s where the word came, just a site to bring undergraduates/Undergragra(s) together

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How did Undergragra become a blog? 

Spending a couple of years at home looking for admission wasn’t a joke, with each passing year I got more interested in finding out things about schools. At a point when I gave out pieces of information.. Fellow aspirants like me thought I was a stalite disguising as an aspirant. 

I decided to try opening a blog to pass out information in a more formal way. . 

When was Undergragra created? 

Undergragra was born in 2018 with a main motive which is to connect Undergraduates.

What is Undergragra all about? Why should I visit undergragra.com.ng 

Undergragra is now a top notch educational website organised by specially skilled undergraduates, updating students with the latest school gists and gossips and so on and so forth.

Unlike many educational blogs out there, Undergragra has a section called the campus love stories.. Campus love stories is a section on the Undergragra website where you get to read intriguing stories about life in the university… Stories like Jay the Fuoye Fresherfriends in love and many more.

Undergragra also plans to dive more into career guides and scholarships cos a lot of students are in dire need of this.

Getting a representative in every single Tertiary institution in the nation is one of our missions.. And we hope to get there in the next couple of months…

Why don’t you make Undergragra a forum instead of a website… 

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Well no one knows what the future holds, Undergragra has only one main aim which is to bring undergraduates together in one place.. 

How far has Undergragra gone? Any future plans? 

So far so good, we’ve played our parts in doing that, the CEO of Undergragra is a student of the Federal University Oye Ekiti, Fuoye and Undergragra is gradually capturing the Fuoye audience. In the next couple of months, you’ll feel our presence in your school too.

One major issue we’ve always had is getting legit information from other schools. If gossip is your thing.. Like do you have strong affinity for gossip? , why don’t you make it useful by contacting Undergragra today… You can be the Undergragra representative from your school.

You can help us out with information regarding your school and trending gossips in your school or any school close to your school.. You can end up starting a blogging career with that and start earning cool cash just by gossiping… 

Together we can

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I remain Undergragra your favourite education blogger 


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