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We have compiled the 17 different types of roommates you will find in school, both as a male or female. The different Types of Roommates You Will Find in Tertiary Institution are :

Life in the higher institution is always fun and tough at the same time. This is because every student meets and mingles with different people with their different characters, either as a coursemate, hostel mate, gist mate, friend, or enemy, etc.

So, if you are about to experience life in a higher institution, please get ready for the fun and tough times. And, if you are a student, enjoy the lovely experience while it lasts.

In this amazing article, we have compiled the 17 different types of roommates you will find in school, both as a male or female. It’s always an interesting moment.

Below are the 17 Types of Roommates You Will Find in Tertiary Institution :

1. Movie Addict: these watch movies 24/7. They can even ignore Lectures to finish a movie.

They enjoy leaving in an environment where there is constant light. They are capable of missing lectures just to get some movies completed. Most of them are single but intelligent. The female ones are always on top of the game.

2. Borrowers: Borrow-Borrow Roommates are the ones that can borrow for Africa. They almost don’t have anything such as property, foodstuffs, clothes, text-books, and even toiletries. They are always nonchalant about what the borrowee would say or how he/she feels.

The female ones borrow with pride as though borrowing is a fundamental human right. The male ones borrow with tactful styles so as not to feel inferior. They would be like “Hey! Charles, is your blender still functioning? I would have loved to use it for something”.

3. The Chef: these can cook very well. People who get roommates like this are lucky

4. Serious Ones: these came to pass the exam. You will always find them Reading, they don’t like disturbance.

They don’t joke with their studies. They are more interested in the school activities and do not miss any. They could also be likened to book-warmers. They prepare ahead of time and do very well in the exams. But, they seem to lag behind in some social activities if not church.

5. Singers: these can be somehow annoying. They can have very Nice voice so they will just be singing up and down

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6. Wife Material: these will wash plate, cook, sweep, mop, arrange Room.

7. Lovers: every time someone is visiting these. They will just be giving you a signal to leave the room for them.

8. Music Addict: these are always listening to one song or the other. If no earpiece, they will put it on the loudspeaker and disturb everybody

9. Party Goers: these ones must attend every school party. They will come back the next day with a gist.

They prefer to party from morning till night, and till dawn again to attending lectures in the school. Most of them are also brilliant but they don’t enjoy studying.

10. Foodies: these cannot use their eyes and see food. They are always eating one thing or the other.

These are the type that can eat until day breaks. They always empty the pot before their roommates arrive. The female foodies are always fat while the male ones are very slim even though they eat excessively.

11. Against Evil: these will never support fornication in their room. The female ones are the best advisers one can get in school concerning love and relationship. They would advise you that having a friend of intimacy is not ideal while quoting the related quotes. They would educate their roommates why their boyfriends change to bad all of a sudden.

12. Dubs Lord: any time these hear they have a test or exam, they will spend the night tearing paper and writing dubs.

13. Lazy Ones: these will always scatter the room, leave their cloth everywhere, never sweep or wash plates. If u get dis one’s you will hate your stay with them.

14. Food Beggars: these will just be going to other people rooms to see who is cooking so that they can beg

15. Church Hawkers: These ones carry church on their head. They will even invite their Church members to hold fellowship in your room.

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16. Disorganizers : These are the type of roommates that are extremely disorganized and scattered. They enjoy it when everywhere is sparkling clean, but they also enjoy messing everywhere up.

The female ones are worse than the male ones because they can comfortably live inside the disorganized room without any complain, but the male ones would want to put things in order, but can’t because they do, they no longer belong to this category.

17. The thieves : These are the types of roommates that are known for their kleptomaniac tendencies and practices. They always look innocent and friendly, but they are good in all stealing formats. They are also experts in conducting examination malpractices even though they scale through every time because of their stealing skills.

Which one were you?

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